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Henry Cavill Admits Feeling Intimidated By Ben Affleck In Batman V Superman

British actor Henry Cavill, 38, who plays a haunting monster-hunter-also known as"the witcher"Geralt of Rivia.

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That would be about the height of an 8 year old. Henry Cavill is a British actor who made his big screen debut in the movie.

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3Henry Cavill, known for playing Superman in the latest DC Comics movies, was able to play James Bond in the movie ‘Casino.

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Henry Cavill, is an Actor whose birthday is on May 5 and was born in the year how tall is Henry Cavill or what is his height, I tell you that his height is.

Henry Cavill admits being intimidated by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman

henry cavill. from the story Men For Your Novels (Part 1). by JulieLBlack (Julie L. Black) with reads. actors, Height: 1, 85 meters. +.

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It depends a lot on where you fight, not just the technique. Space matters too. So Batman shouldn’t be a The Rock, but he can’t be a featherweight either. That is why all combat sports are separated by weights and categories. Just as fights with women are not allowed, not because they are macho, but because there are certain physical and biological advantages.

But that’s in real life, here we are talking about a movie. I also think that it should at least be something that one can believe could happen, and if not give a rational explanation of why it can happen, something like what they did in the Matrix, where you understood that Neo could fight with everyone and do everything what I did, and you believed it.

On the other hand, a regulated fight is very different from a fight in the street, where weight and strength are no longer so decisive, and Batman is precisely a character who uses any means at his disposal to win, because he perfectly understands that that of honor in combat is bullshit, what matters is surviving.

Anyway, here we are not talking about real life, but about COMICS of supers, where all of them do incredible and impossible things, even if they don’t have powers. oh my gosh what to read. Total if it doesn’t matter what physique you have. When you talk about fighting technique, I ask you, have you already seen this actor do something like what Keanu Reeves or Jason Statham have done?.

Because if so then I shut up and say nothing. But if they wanted to put him to fight against someone like Cavill, he would have nothing to do.