Hip Dips

What are hip dips? The New Trend That Has Thousands Of Women Showing Off Their Hips

In English this cleft is known as hip-dip and quiet, it’s your femur, it’s normal, and you don’t have to do anything to change it.

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The so-called hip dips are indentations or a gap that forms between the pelvis and the thigh, and the reason for the insecurity of many women who ignore.


This is what still happens with the so-called hip dips, that is, those hips that have a kind of cleft between the thigh and the.

Hip dips: the totally natural feminine trait that makes many women feel self-conscious | Woman | BioBioChile

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Some tend to generate complexes and others to destroy them. Talking about hip dips has come from the second: to make thousands of women who had complexes about their hips, feel proud of their silhouette. The hollow that is made on the sides of the hips. It is a natural trait in women that perhaps you had noticed or are just now noticing this detail.

It is clear that it is neither a defect nor a virtue, but a simple bone characteristic. However, many women see this as a flaw and try their best to get rid of it. In social networks it is not uncommon to find instructors who give exercises and advice to modify this quality of the hips. The trend that highlights hip dips or violin hips, on the other hand, seeks to reclaim this characteristic to celebrate it, instead of trying to change it. Although many may not have even noticed this feature, other women have expressed feeling self-conscious about this hollow in their hips.

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