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50 Super Sexy Hip Tattoos

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You are thinking of getting a hip tattoo but you don’t know what to choose? Enter here and see some examples to inspire you and decide.

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Much more than hip tattoos, all these amazing abdomen and belly tattoo designs will serve to inspire your next tattoo.

What types of hip tattoos exist?

Roses symbolize beauty and strength in a single flower. They are usually the favorite flowers of many people, due to their majesty and elegance. That is why they are chosen on many occasions for a delicate and feminine tattoo. The hip area is wide, so it is possible to capture a rose in many sizes, large or small. It is usually used in tattoos accompanied by mandalas or unalomes, symbols of the same culture. In this case we see a flower in the form of a mandala and also another in color and with an ethnic touch.

Sunflower tattoos Sunflowers are a flower that symbolizes joy and simplicity. Tattoos of this flower are less common but they are also quite popular. This flower constantly seeks sunlight, so we are dealing with a flower that looks for what it needs and gets it.

If it is your favorite flower, they can also make you a nice tattoo on the hip area. They are very round and large flowers, but they look good in an area as wide as this. Dandelions on the hip Dandelions can be a good tattoo, and it has also become very popular. Without a doubt, it embodies how ephemeral everything is. A tattoo is usually created with a windblown dandelion. This type of tattoo can be seen in the back area but also on the hip.

Almond tree tattoos The almond blossom is very brief but very beautiful. In the hip area it is usually an elongated or curved tattoo, because in this part it is possible to adapt the drawings in many ways. Colorful flower tattoos A large part of the tattoos that we see in this area are in black ink. It is very common to see tattoos only in black.

But the truth is that flowers often stand out for their color, so there are those who want to capture these beautiful tones in their tattoo. Bouquets of flowers on the hip Flower tattoos can be a set of them arranged as a large decorative bouquet. In these hip tattoos we can see several flowers together, with leaves and small details. They are placed along the hip, since they are usually quite large tattoos.

Black out tattoos These tattoos create a silhouette and fill it completely with black. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.