Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails Or The Trend That Will Dominate This Season

HOLOGRAPHIC NAILS. Yes to holographic manicure! This Nail Art trend is the most, and we see it everywhere on networks.

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Today you have holographic nails, a manicure style that is a trend in this and that is sweeping beauty salons.

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Holographic nails are one of the latest trends in the world of manicure and nail art. It’s about covering your nails with a.

Holographic nails or the trend that will dominate this season | Glamor

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Holographic glitter nails

It’s called Spectraflair and it’s made by mixing aluminum and magnesium fluoride. This combination results in a substance capable of making light refract especially, giving that exclusive glow effect. But you have to do it right. Get the product right and also the paint application process. While others air dry and you don’t need as many resources.

Simply apply nail polish as normal. In agreement. Start by putting a first base coat of paint on your nails. And after this, put a polish in smooth tones. On top, put a layer of gel. The next step is to take an eye shadow brush or similar and, with this brush, gently brush the nails to brush off the remaining powder. It’s time to repeat the operation. Again, put another layer of powder and sweep the excess again.

Pink or nude tones are also worn and, at the tip of the nail, that shiny effect is added, so as not to overload the nail. The same is worn this season with bluish, black and gray tones in combination with each other. As well as pointed and filed almond shaped nail shapes.