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Here we will tell you how to make homemade beard balm, occupying the butts that will also promote its growth, health and shine.

What are the home remedies to grow a beard? tomato face mask. This home remedy helps to grow facial hair, because the.

Get to know this excellent home remedy to grow a beard; the growth of facial hair and hair: It’s about the tomato.

We know that to have a long beard you need patience. you can use eucalyptus cream that stimulates hair growth.

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If you want to grow a full beard, keep your face constantly moisturized and clean, this will make it easier for you to grow your facial hair.

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In many cases, wearing facial hair responds to the label of being modern and aesthetic currents that are fleeting, however, there has always been a group of people from the male population who like to wear a beard. Content 2 Home remedies to grow a beard Tips to grow a beard It is known as a full beard or closed beard, that hair that grows on the chin or chin, neck, cheekbones and under the lower lip of the man, normally the growth of this it is genetic and in some cases its lack may depend on hormonal disorders.

Facial hair is considered by some men an attribute that, although it is desired by many, is hated by others, especially it is a desire in adolescents who want to know how to grow a beard for the first time. Additionally, in history and in different cultures, bearded men are attributed wisdom, high social status and sexual potency, although on the other hand, other people think that it represents lack of hygiene and refinement, eccentricity, among others.

By performing this procedure, you can achieve the stimulation of the pores in the area where the hair does not come out on the face and this allows it to grow easily, although not immediately, but you must be patient. Protect your testosterone Men have a hormone that is produced by the testicles, which is testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the growth of facial hair. There are studies that indicate that beer is capable of increasing testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for facial hair growth, due to its high levels of yeast.

This is why it is advised to keep the skin of your face clean of grease, bacteria and dirt. Using exfoliating cream Among the products to grow a beard, exfoliating creams are an excellent option to remove dead skin cells from the face and these treatments help stimulate the growth of new facial hair.

Exercising Although many think that exercising has little to do with facial hair growth, exercise is indeed closely related to beard growth. This is because the hormone responsible for beard growth is testosterone, which increases when doing physical activities, such as exercise.

Additionally, when exercising, blood flow increases, which contributes to increased hair growth, because, thanks to better circulation, the nutrients found in the blood can reach it more easily. Sleep Currently, there are studies that have confirmed that sleep and rest help to recover your body, this in turn allows facial hair to grow.

Consult your GP, so that he can tell you how to take at least 2mg of biotin per day. Not trimming your beard To stimulate beard hair growth, it is recommended to refrain from trimming your beard for a month, suggesting that you avoid trimming or shaping it too often.

It is likely that when you see the beard grow in a week, the hair is not very even and untidy in appearance, but to achieve an even beard growth, you must resist shaving, since it is necessary for the hairs that take time to appear to grow, in order to cover the empty spaces. Home remedies to grow a beard There are several home remedies to grow a beard, many of them based on natural medicine, creating a cream to grow a beard, using everyday products available at home.

Getting massages with rosemary oil Using rosemary oil to massage your skin is an effective way to stimulate beard hair growth. This is a famous and ancient technique used for hair growth. The procedure is to perform circular massages with rosemary oil, to promote the opening of the pores, stimulate the follicles of the cheeks and thus achieve facial hair growth.

The procedure is to squeeze two lemons or two tablespoons of lemon juice, add a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, stir until the liquid turns red and pasty. Then, you must apply the previously prepared cream to the beard, leave it to act for around 25 to 30 minutes and continue to rinse the face with abundant cold water, in case of observing any adverse reaction, suspend its use.

It is very important that you initially test this paste on your arm or wrist, to verify that there are no allergic reactions. The procedure is, mix approximately 50 ml. After this, it should be cleaned with cold water and it is advisable to repeat the procedure three times a week. You should make this mixture and massage your face, after this you should keep it applied for 20 minutes and finally rinse with plenty of cold water. Eucalyptus oil Using eucalyptus oil is very helpful, as it has a wide range of medicinal properties.

Combined with olive oil or sesame oil, it is an excellent option to moisturize the skin and at the same time massage the face with this mixture, it favors the growth of the beard. Honey and lemon juice An excellent option to help beard hair growth is to apply honey. A little lemon juice combined with honey is used, applied about 10 minutes on your face and then washed with cold and abundant water.

This mixture is recommended to be applied at night, to avoid exposing the skin to the sun and thus prevent the appearance of spots on your skin. If you notice any reaction when applying this mixture, you should stop using it.