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Everything you need to exercise at home | Sport

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If you want to train at home, you can do it without major inconveniences and without having to resort to specific equipment, because you can be in shape without too many inconveniences. We have created several exercise routines for men to increase muscle mass and tone, while burning fat and losing weight. That is, as long as you have perseverance and work to achieve the objectives.

Advantages of Training and Exercising at Home There are numerous advantages of training at home instead of going to a physical gym, the same as hiring a virtual gym. It is very complicated to square the class schedules with your schedules.

However, things change when you decide to train in the comfort of your home. You can always use many objects in your home to train cans, boxes, chairs, etc. The idea is that you have things clear and that you are motivated to carry out the training routine.

Space and accessories to carry out the routine are a problem It is possible that at home you do not have enough space to train or that you do not have the necessary accessories to do the training that you would like. At home you can always turn to a personal trainer. Plan your training sessions in advance In the event that you do not plan your training sessions, it is possible that you end up abandoning the sports routine, or that you do fewer exercises every day, until finally you stop doing them.

Improvisation is not good when it comes to exercise, so try to plan your training sessions in advance. Set realistic goals that you can achieve When you set goals for the week or month, be realistic and keep it low, so you can motivate yourself. When you achieve your goals, reward yourself with a "prize" use punishment-reward. Another great advantage is that the price of these accessories is usually cheap, even free if you use your ingenuity and use things you have at home.

They are cheap, so we recommend buying weights of different sizes and weights, to be able to train a single muscle group or several. We recommend that you have at least one set of weights of 1, 2 and 5 kg at home to be able to carry out a complete workout.

If you want to define your body as quickly as possible, it is important that you include them in your training routine. We recommend that you have at least one set of weights of 2, 5 and 10 kg at home to be able to carry out a complete workout. It’s about that accessory that’s flat on one side and a rubber ball on the other like a rubber ball cut in half.

We recommend that you choose a 65 cm Fitball. You can also use it as a chair, to strengthen the back and abdominal area. Available in various weights, the medicine ball has a number of advantages over other utensils as well as a wide range of exercises to choose what you want to work on.

It is an essential accessory in the routine. We recommend you have at home a medicine ball of, at least, 4 kg, although yours would be 5kg. If you have a rope with a thick cable with little density as in PVC ropes, the air resistance begins to be noticed in the turning speed. It is absolutely necessary if you are going to do aerobic training, as it helps protect you from injuries. Buy at least the average.

When buying this type of accessory to train at home, it is best that you opt for established brands in the market and not for "the chinese" it can be expensive when you stamp your face on the floor of your living room. It really should be integrated into any work routine. This accessory is perfect for giving yourself a self-massage and relieving sore areas caused by trauma and repetitive movements. All this you can avoid with some gloves for the gym. Either option is good.

See prices on Amazon Step The aerobic step is the ideal training partner. On smooth surfaces, we recommend placing a non-slip mat or mat under the step to avoid accidents. In order to ensure your stability, please firmly fix your feet to the device and take it easy if you are a novice or first time. Provides an advantage to participants compared to the simple protocol of conventional strength training, as each exercise develops functional strength while improving flexibility, balance and core stability.

There are several brands of suspension training equipment. TRX is the pioneer of suspension training, created by Randy Hetrix, a Navy Seal who wanted his soldiers to stay in shape while waiting to go into combat and therefore we recommend it to you. It’s the perfect mix of cardio and strength training.

In this case we recommend that you choose a good location, with a bright room and that has some space to move. When choosing a treadmill it is very important to be informed. There is a lot of information on the Internet about it, but we recommend you expand it in specialized centers.

A great advantage of the elliptical bike compared to the treadmill is that it allows you to exercise gently, that is, without impact. If you have already decided to train at home, and you intend to do strength training, the time has come to ask yourself if you are going to use weights or body weight.

There is no correct answer for that. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, regardless of the level you have. Using weights or the weight of your body is not exclusive, but complementary.

As resistance you can use your body weight, which is what you do when you do squats or push-ups, for example. However, you can also use weights, such as when training biceps or shoulders. Weights To lift weights you have to develop a level of balance and coordination in your body. Bodyweight Bodyweight is used in most strength training, although it can sometimes be combined with other elements.

This is the case when, for example. Thanks to this type of training you develop balance and coordination. In the event that you are a beginner, it is vitally important that, before advancing with the weights, you master the management of your body weight. Before you start lifting weights, you have to master your bodyweight. This is the perfect time to incorporate weights into training. Increased flexibility and balance. Typical weightlifting injuries are prevented.

You can combine it with weight training. Core body strength is superior and noticeable. It is economical since it does not require equipment. There are many types of exercises you can do. In fact, if your goal is not toning, but losing weight or waist size, using body weight you can do all the exercises without problems. Of course, be careful with the weight, since you are going to need a very strong abdominal and lower back to lift the weights off the ground.

There are no excuses for not working your abdomen and keeping it fit and totally flat, although we already warned you that you will need discipline, time and effort. Sometimes the difference between a good and a bad purchase of equipment is decisive in the process of losing weight or improving muscle tone. Don’t go crazy to spend. When selecting equipment for your home gym, keep your personal exercise goals, budget, and space restrictions in mind.

We want to know your opinion and your experience on this topic. Even if it is a simple thank you, we will be happy to assist you. Be the first to rate the content.

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