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When I’m doing a homemade rhinoplasty on my friend and I see that he stops breathing.

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Rhinoplasty, modify the nose without going through the operating room

Refinement of broad nasal tip has been a challenge since the first rhinoplasty was performed. Successful narrowing of the nasal tip requires a thorough.

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We explain the details of this technique and the main differences that exist with Rhinoplasty nose surgery. Image courtesy of Diego de León Clinics. Rhinoplasty allows you to change the shape of the nose without having to undergo an operation and without having the postoperative discomfort.

Well between 18 and 55 years. Rhinoplasty Vs. Rhinoplasty Dr. De la Peña explains the main differences between the two options: Rhinoplasty allows you to modify the curvature of the nose, that is, it can make an aquiline nose have a completely straight contour and even allows you to raise the tip of the nose.

There are different results: Image of before and after a rhinoplasty treatment. Its duration varies between eight months and one year. Precautions The doctor must study the physiognomy of the patient, since both treatments greatly affect the appearance and final expression of the face; The specialist explains that there is: Soft tissue and nasal cartilage rhinoplasty: it allows to refine the nasal tip, narrow the base of the nose, reduce the nasal wings or prevent the tip from lowering when laughing.

Complete rhinoplasty: allows to modify both the soft parts and the bony parts. It is used to narrow the nose, reduce the bridge and eliminate the nasal hump. Pre-treatment check Before and after rhinoplasty. In cases of rhinoplasty, it is possible to carry out a previous test so that the patient is sure of his decision.