Homemade Food For Bitch After Childbirth

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provides a significant boost to lactation. Only a day later he will return to feeding regularly. This is also valid for homemade food.

If the dog is fed homemade food we can also follow this guideline. In these cases we should use calories and high protein.

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If you feed her homemade food, you can continue to do so. Although in this case, you should provide high-quality protein and calories.

How to feed a dog after giving birth

In case you want to feed a dog with a homemade diet.

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Therefore, their diet must adapt to this new physiological state in order to meet the new caloric demands of the female and satisfy the supply of maternal milk to the hungry pups. The nutritional demands of the little ones are constant, since newborns can breastfeed every three or four hours day and night. This metabolic challenge of the mother is especially important in the case of large litters.

The specific food must be complete, rich in nutrients and fundamentally adapted to the new energy needs, since females require double or triple the number of calories than in a maintenance situation. Peak lactation occurs three to four weeks after calving. After him, semi-solid or solid food is supplied to the litter.

The bitch needs to eat often while nursing During lactation, the female needs to eat often, she can be offered small doses several times a day, or food left freely available ad libitum so that she can feed when she wants. You need to hydrate frequently Together with the specific diet, you must ensure adequate water consumption. The mother must have fresh water available day and night, both to replace the fluid lost during childbirth and to ensure milk production.

It should be in a quiet, comfortable and draught-free place, where they are not disturbed by excessive noise or light, and not in a passageway in the house. The puppies and their mother should be calm At first, until the whole family gets used to this situation, it is good that they enjoy a certain peace of mind, although it is not advisable to place the farrowing pen totally isolated from the rest of the house in a garage, in the garden or in a room, incommunicado.

If possible, after delivery, wash the bitch’s vulva with warm water and dry it very well. It is possible that in the first hours the mother is reluctant to leave her puppies alone, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Veterinary control of the bitch and her puppies The puerperium is a great challenge for the mother’s body, so we must be vigilant so that complications do not arise. If you notice that you suddenly lose interest in your children, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. Mastitis in females Daily examination of her breasts is also important to identify early the presence of the dreaded mastitis.

Likewise, the vulva must be checked periodically to check that there is no sign of infection or secretion of fluids with the presence of pus, smelly or that indicate that there may be postpartum metritis uterine infection.