Homemade Hair Botox


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If you already have long hair and you want it to look smooth and without the annoying frizz, there is a home treatment that will give your hair that special shine.

goodbye to keratin! We teach you how to make this homemade hair botox with ingredients from your kitchen HOW TO MAKE “HAIR BOTOX” HOME AND.

How to make homemade hair botox and how to apply it easily and quickly

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Actually, botox hair treatment is applied directly to your hair through massage and heat, which completely repairs the hair fiber and makes it healthy again. Take note of the following lines. What is hair botox for? It is quite likely that you have already been able to verify that the use of chemical products in your hair is progressively and irreparably damaging it. The results of these treatments are not encouraging at all, as your hair can become dry, frizzy and dull.

By smoothing the hair fiber, repairing all its damage, hair botox restores vitality, shine, volume and strength to your hair. How to do hair botox at home Fortunately, it is not difficult to do a hair botox treatment. Pour the obtained solution into the spray container.

How botox is applied to hair In order to get the benefits of botox for hair, to start with the treatment at home you must have it a little dirty. Then follow these steps: Put a little glycerin on your fingers and apply from the middle of the hair to the ends. When you have finished, cover your hair with a towel and let the product act for about 30 minutes. Do not dry your hair with a dryer, let it do it outdoors.

You can perform this treatment between 1 or 2 times a month. Recommended hair botox brands Just as you can do hair botox at home, you can also do it at a hairdresser you trust. There are some recommended brands of botox, but do not think that they will work miracles on your hair and that you will recover it instantly. The brands that I am going to recommend in general can be found in many countries, in specialized beauty stores, perfumeries or pharmacies.

If not, you also have the option of finding the products in online stores. The best hair botox brands are: Loreal.