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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Homer Simpson (Homer Simpson)

Homer Jay Simpson is a fictional character from the cartoon television series The Simpsons. He is the father of the family and one of the central and most important characters in the series.

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Homer is the first and only legitimate child of Abraham Simpson and Mona J. simpsons. He is married to Marjorie Bouvier and is the father of Bartholomew (Bart), Lisa and.

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Carlos Revilla Season 1 – 11, Carlos Ysbert Season 12 – Homer J. Simpson (in Spanish America Homero J. Simpson) is the main character of the series.

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Homer J. Simpson (Homer in E.OR.A and Spain) is the main character of the series The Simpsons. Homer’s appearance is that of a bald man with.

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Curious Planet presents the 10 curiosities or curious facts about Homer Simpson that you probably didn’t know. Are you ready to read the trivia of Homer Simpson. Let’s start with your name. His full name is Homer Jay Simpson. He is 1.83m tall. Homer has traveled to 14 different countries, where he has visited famous places, as well as met famous people, such as when he travels to England he is received by Prime Minister Tony Blair. And when he travels to Cuba he meets Fidel Castro, who according to the series steals a trillion dollar bill from him.

This phrase that has made it so famous has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Homer’s age is something that has been widely doubted, in several episodes they have given his date of birth, such as January 12, May 10, and March 20; even on , Although it is likely that his date of Birth is May 12. If so, it means that Homer was born in , and is currently 40 years old.

The fact is used repeatedly to avoid specifically locating Springfield on a map of the United States. In the episode they gave Homer’s email address, chunkylover53 aol. Producer and writer Matt Groening registered the address before the episode aired. He has since replied to fans who wrote to that address after the episode. Homer also seems to have slight vision problems, requiring reading glasses on some occasions despite revealing in one episode that his biggest secret is that he can’t read.

Also Former President George H. Bush and the Emperor of Japan.