How Long Does A Pregnant Cat Last?

How long does a cat’s pregnancy last??

The domestic cat, more commonly called cat, and colloquially pussycat, michino, michi, micho, mizo, miz, morroño or morrongo, and some other names, is a carnivorous mammal of the family Felidae. It is a subspecies.

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The first symptoms of pregnancy in a cat appear 15 days after fertilization. To find out, the cat How long does pregnancy last?

Your kitten’s pregnancy is unique like her, which means that it can vary in its duration even from others that your own has previously had.

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Progressively replace your cat’s usual food with the new formula over a period of 7 to 10 days. By using this method to feed.

How long does a cat’s pregnancy last?? – My animals

The pregnancy of a cat usually goes from 58 to 67 days. But in some cases delivery can be a little earlier or later. Don’t worry if it happens.

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when delivery comes

These symptoms are not observed immediately, but will be observed from the third or fourth week of gestation. Changes in behavior are also common, as the cat can become affectionate and demand company or, on the contrary, become strange and lonely. But the main sign is the increase in the size of the abdomen, which begins to be noticed around five weeks of gestation.

During this gestation period, it is advisable to provide the animal with a balanced diet, which provides a lot of meat, fish and milk, with its mineral and vitamin supplements. The interval between the departures of the newborn kittens can range from five minutes to an hour.

Pussycats can have between one and eight kittens. Generally, cats give birth with little difficulty and do not require human assistance. When we suspect that there may be pregnancy, the ideal is to take the cat to the vet to confirm the diagnosis. We will ask you to anticipate the time in which our pet has been pregnant. In this way we will calculate the moment of delivery arrival and we will be prepared to help. From the knowledge of this gestation we will increase the care of the feline.

From the seventh week, the ideal is to take three shots, morning, afternoon and evening. The feed or prepared foods that you usually take can be replaced by others of a better quality. In this way, during the final phase of feline gestation, the newborn puppies will develop their snout and the characteristic fur that will cover their body for the rest of their lives. Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

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