How Long Is A Cat’S Gestation

How Long Does a Cat’s Pregnancy Last?? – Pregnancy and care

Your cat is behaving strangely? Discover the signs of a cat in heat, the duration of the heat cycle and how to avoid pregnancy.

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Before giving birth, it is necessary to exceed nine weeks of gestation. contractions and the birth of the first kitten is about two hours.

The gestation process of a cat lasts between 57 and 63 days. The entire labor, from the first to the last kitten, can take up to 24 hours.

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In the event that the cat has become pregnant in estrus, her gestation period will vary depending on her breed, but generally lasts.

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The cat and the newborns

However, people, except in exceptional cases, have little to do during childbirth. Felines bring their kittens into the world as if they had never done anything else. The vet should only be called in case of complications. Before giving birth, it is necessary to exceed nine weeks of gestation. The first signs of pregnancy are noticeable about four weeks after mating.

Likewise, the feline restricts its daily activities in general, with the exception of that related to its feeder: here the rule of "eating for two" applies. Often young cats and, in particular, Siamese cats do not slow down during pregnancy. They are not aware of their status and climb and jump as if they were not pregnant. Have the telephone number of your trusted veterinarian at hand in case complications arise. Record the time and weight of the kittens as they are born.

A scale to weigh the kittens. Have replacement milk ready for kittens, as the mother may not have enough milk to nurse them all. A box or carton with a heating blanket or any other accessory to warm newborns.

Signs before delivery After six weeks of gestation, the kittens are already moving in the womb. These movements can be felt and sometimes also seen. So you should prepare a quiet place for the mother and her future children and familiarize her with it. The cat is restless and noisy. The cat lies on its side and takes a deep breath.

In the meantime, you can pet and talk to your cat. When the kitten is born, the mother immediately licks it to clean the amniotic fluid and stimulate its breathing. After the placenta is expelled, the cat snaps the umbilical cord with her teeth and eats it. Although this may be unpleasant for people, the placenta contains many nutrients. Litters are typically three to five kittens. Related Posts.