How Many Children Does Ricardo Montaner Have?

How many children does Ricardo Montaner have??

Montaner and Marlene have three children: Ricky (30, engaged to Stefy Roitman), Mau (27, married to Sara Escobar) and Evaluna (23, married to.

The Venezuelan singer-songwriter has five children in total. Expand. By Mariangel FerrebĂș September 5 at hrs. we all know.

Rooster Eyes On The Feet

The singer uploaded to his account a photograph he took of his wife while he was bathing, which caused surprise in his children.

The two out-of-wedlock children of Ricardo Montaner and Marlene RodrĂ­guez have been able to adapt to their father’s new family and their other.

How many children does Ricardo Montaner have?? |

Ricardo Montaner has created an artistic "clan" with his children Mau, Ricky and Evaluna, as well as adopting and sponsoring his son-in-law Camilo.

This is how Ricardo Montaner’s older CHILDREN SING