How Many Seasons Does Riverdale Have?

We start this season in a very bittersweet way. This chapter dedicated entirely to the memory of Luke Perry, who passed away months ago.

Yes! Movistar Series will broadcast the premiere of the fifth season of "Riverdale" next Thursday January 21 at pm.

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After much waiting, fans of "Riverdale" will finally be able to see season 4 of the series on Netflix. Find out what the calendar is here.

NEWS | Officially Riverdale is renewed for a FOURTH SEASON! Riverdale Mexico, profile picture How many seasons are there? What’s up?

Facts you probably didn’t know about the Riverdale series

Riverdale returns for its fifth season. After raising good reviews, Riverdale returns to solve the fate of Archie Andrews.

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Discover some curious facts that you did not know about this series and its characters. Photo: nme. Photo: vulture. The hat that Cole Sprouse wears is an essential part of the character, as it evokes the iconic crown that distinguishes Jughead Jones in the comics.

Photo: daily telegraph. The cast of Riverdale is very united and they even consider themselves a small family, since several of the artists have known each other before. Photo: screenrant. Photo: YouTube 5. Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, has a water phobia and has had to overcome it in several episodes. Photo: reverse. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer of the series, is also the creative director of the Archie comics.

Photo: sweetyhigh. All the star characters of the series have a symbol or a garment that distinguishes them and is part of their personality. In Betty Cooper’s case, it’s her ponytail and pink lipstick; in Veronica’s, it’s her pearl necklace and iconic brown lip color; Cheryl Blossom is distinguished by her intense red lipstick and Archie Andrews is unmistakable for being redheaded.

Photo: Pinterest 8. Photo: riverdale. Photo: tvguide. Attention was focused on him and the chapter concluded with a special and significant image of the actor. Written by Renée Sotomayor.