How Moringa Is Prepared

Benefits of Moringa, do you know them??

The fresh leaves can be used both in stews and in salads. If the leaves are crushed and strained, a green juice can be made.

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Also known as the tree of life, moringa is a medicinal plant that has a high content of vitamins and minerals such as.

In any of the three cases, you put the water to boil, counting the number of glasses you want to achieve. When it is boiling, pour it.

Let the water boil together with the moringa and the zest for 1 minute and then filter and pour the tea into a cup to leave it.

Moringa: know all the benefits it has for your health

How to consume moringa This can be taken in tea, powder or through vegetable capsules, but it has a fairly strong flavor, so it is recommended.

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