How Old Is Angela Aguilar?

Ángela Aguilar Has Already Started Celebrating Her BirthdayOctober 8, (18 years old) Los Angeles, California, United States.

Angela Aguilar celebrated her 18th birthday with a concert from her tour, Jaripeos Sin Frontera, at the Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta.

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The famous singer was born on October 8, that is, she is currently 17 years old and is about to reach the age of majority in our country.

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The talented singer officially started her festivities in advance. Pepe Aguilar’s daughter went to celebrate and let out some sighs with her outfit. Together with the singer, he shared some exotic drinks. To finish off the evening, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shared the dessert with which she closed the celebration. Pepe Aguilar’s album was a stellar presentation for his daughter. The extraordinary moment of little Aguilar happened when she sang the potpourri La chancla, el chivo and Puño de tierra.

Her father, with the humility that characterizes him, introduced her with the same fanfare as his other special guests. Despite her young age, the attendees were amazed by the superb interpretation of the young. Already with years of experience and under the direction of Pepe Aguilar, the album was a success.

The fresh voice of the young woman revitalized those historical songs and brought them closer to the new generations. He has regularly released full albums in short waiting periods. This premiered Mexican in love.