How Powdered Milk Is Made

How Powdered Milk Is Made

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Because as internalized as it is, functional to feeding babies for a long time, nobody questions its origins. Justly. › how-to-make-powdered-milk.

The milk atomization process is carried out in towers built especially for it. They consist of evaporating the water that.

How powdered milk is made – Vendival

In other words, powdered milk is obtained by dehydrating pasteurized milk: it removes most of its constituent water, leaving a.

How do you get milk powder?

There are different ways to obtain powdered milk, either from whole milk or skimmed milk. In any case, it is about finding a way to eliminate moisture in the shortest time possible, without raising the temperature too much to avoid losing its properties. For many, powdered milk is still a product associated with post-war times. The result is a light whitish powder that, mixed again with water, allows the milk to be “reconstructed”.

Spray drying is carried out in a current of hot air, where most of the milk content evaporates, obtaining a yellowish-white powder that better preserves the nutritional characteristics of the milk.

It is done by freezing the product and then removing the ice by applying heat under vacuum conditions, in this way the ice evaporates avoiding the passage through the liquid phase. It is an effective system for the preservation of nutritional elements. The elimination of humidity allows to obtain a product with high microbiological stability. Types of milk powder Although there are many types of milk powder on the market, production is focused on skim and cream milk powders.

It is interesting that you know that powdered milk has a high energy and protein value due to the effect of concentration. It also has a very high ratio of calcium and vitamin A, especially if it is whole milk. Powdered milk is also the hidden secret of many homemade recipes. It is very important to reduce the heat as the milk turns creamy and thickens to prevent it from burning. Then you have to spread the resulting cream on a non-stick surface and wait the necessary time until it dries.

Now you know how powdered milk is made.