How Tall Is Natti Natasha?

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Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, artistically known as Natti Natasha, is a Dominican reggaeton, Latin pop and bachata singer-songwriter.

Natti Natasha measures 1.57 meters He claimed to measure 5’3 Ozuna and Natti Natasha.

How tall is Natti Natasha?? Height and stature of Natti Natasha. He is 1.57 meters tall. Enough to captivate with her sweet voice and innate talent.

Natti Natasha (Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista) was born on December 10, in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, she is a singer-songwriter.

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How much does Natti Natasha weigh?? The weight of Natti Natasha. Natti stays in shape, weighs a healthy 48 kilos, they are in the ideal weight index.

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