How They Dressed In The 70s

What Was 70s Fashion Like??

FASHION IS UNSTABLE, EVOLUTIVE, REPETITIVE AND CAPRICIOUS, SO YOU CAN APPRECIATE and see more widely how the people of the 70s dressed at the time.

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– The euphoria for the future and space was lived, it made the color white and silver all the rage. Both the clothes and the makeup seemed to arrive.

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Full color embroidery and prints, corduroy and suede as star fabrics. Lots of denim, wide silhouettes, very high waisted pants and fringes.

Although the subcultures already exist since the years and, like Beatnik and Hippies, some do not adopt the countercultural sentiment that gave rise to the.

History Of Clothing || From Contemporary Times to the Present

The fashion of the 70s was characterized by trends with a marked free spirit that already began in the 60s with the hippie movement.

In the 1970s, young urbanites sought glamor in dance clubs. The women wore sleeveless dresses or pants made of satin fabrics, decorated with sequins. The men wore tight, shiny pants and shirts underneath open to mid-chest.

1960s clothing was similar to most 1960s Long skirts, tight tops, or dresses slightly above the knee were popular. High-heeled shoes, hats, bags in hand, gloves, veils and belts were worn. Accessories that complemented the trousseau. By the mid-1960s came miniskirts, dresses with stand-out collars, shorts, plain or patterned pants with cropped button-downs and wide belts.

Choose clothes with bright colors and intense geometric patterns. Shirts with bright, contrasting colors on the collars and sleeves were popular. X Research source For example, you can combine a bright yellow blouse with a black and white mini skirt with a geometric pattern.