How They Dressed In The 80s

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Shoulder pads. The large and very pronounced shoulder pads are one of the main trends in men’s fashion.

It was a time of rebellion, in which people dressed as they saw fit. Fashion garments in the years The intention of this article is.

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leg warmers.

huge earrings.

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Gloves without fingers.

Perhaps it had something to do with women’s liberation and the assertion of power that women were beginning to have in the workplace. Whatever the reason, all women wore shoulder pads. They were often combined with ankle boots. Leg warmers Another of the main quirks of eighties fashion, which did not make much sense, was that of leg warmers. Whatever our reasoning was at the time, it was one of the biggest trends in this decade.

If the earrings didn’t touch the shoulder, they weren’t big enough. Fingerless gloves Fingerless gloves were another of the strange trends of these times. Parachute pants may very well be a piece of clothing that sums up the ridiculousness of the years. But, at the time, they felt very cool.

They were worn by both boys and girls. “Members” Jackets “Members Only” jackets were all the rage, and knockoffs were completely unacceptable. The sleeves were rolled up to just below the elbow, a look typical of that decade. Units or "Units" Clothes that could be used in different ways were also put up for sale.

Pants with stirrup This type of pants, generally made of stretch fabrics, had the ability to lengthen the legs. Oversized tops Large sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts were worn with miniskirts or pants. They were often cinched at the waist with large, conspicuous belts. Jeans with darts A trend that, luckily, was completely forgotten. Pants with darts at the waist, even jeans, were used a lot.