How They Dressed In The 80s

80s Fashion – Photos, Clothes, Hairstyles and Accessories

How They Dressed in the Years The eighties were a way of thinking, dressing, singing and.

During the 1980s, different dress codes were used throughout the day and night. Teenagers often choose.

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This is how he dressed (really) in the years Enjoy without remorse of pedro almodóvar photo years 80 fashion style clothes. Nancy R. Schiff.

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from the 80s, this fashion was very at the time all the young women wore them, the hairstyle was also very interesting since it seemed that only.

Important, always choose very striking and vivid colors, the ideal is that they attract attention and you can even opt for bright or neon colors. As for the fabric, you can find tulle, fabric or even leather skirts. Stockings and leggings Look at the image. In your looks you can not miss striking stockings, whether with prints, designs or colors that capture the attention of anyone such as embroidered or striped leggings.

In this way, you can also combine long sweaters with the two previous accessories, stockings or leggings and create your looks. In fact, the pants that we would now say slim fit were worn because they were very tight pants that highlighted the figure a lot, although in any case they were worn high-waisted.

Legwarmers Legwarmers were a must in the 80s and they were worn in all colors and styles, both with sports shoes and with heels or ballerinas. They were worn just wrinkled at the ankle, as we can see in the legendary movie Flashdance. Platforms Platforms were also a typical footwear of the time along with converse shoes and ballerinas. Although they used to be part of the clothing of some urban tribes such as punks, the truth is that the girls wore them on many occasions for party wear.

Printed shirts and blouses Printed shirts and blouses, with bright colors, and especially denim shirts, were as much a fashion for girls as for boys and were worn wide with the sleeves rolled up. As you will see, sunglasses also became relevant since they became elements with both functions, decoration and beauty.

The belts also had a fundamental importance in the looks. Hairstyles of the 80s The haircuts of that time are also very striking. The volume will be very present in the hair, no matter if it is long or short, you must always wear your hair with a lot of volume and a sensation of movement.

High Ponytails Ponytails were all the rage in the 80s and were worn high, also with a lot of backcombing, and also to the side. Raised bangs As we told you before, one of the must of the 80s was the bangs and they used to be raised or with a lot of volume, even curly. As for lip color, dark and matte colors are usually chosen, but previously the lip was outlined in the shape of a beak.

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