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How They Dressed in the Years The eighties were a way of thinking, dressing, singing and.

It was a time of rebellion, in which people dressed as they saw fit. Fashion garments in the years The intention of this article is.

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1 Shoulder Pads 2 Mini Skirts 3 Leg Warmers 4 Huge Earrings 5 ​​Fingerless Gloves 6 Skydiver Pants 7 Paratrooper Jackets.

These are also known as pants "Hammer", due to rapper MC Hammer’s signature style. hairstyles for.

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Fashion of the 80s – How women used to dress · Tips to achieve an eighties look for women · Clothes from the years Big shoulders; sequins; tops and dresses a.

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It was about that, coexisting with many different styles and each and every one of them had space in the city. Many times people dressed according to their standard of living, conditioned by the social class to which they belonged, but there were certain garments common to all these styles. We are going to make a brief tour of these and their characteristics and learn how they influenced the fashion of the eighties.

The "Heavy" clothing could be taken as a mix between the careless and irreverent of punk and the importance of leather and black rockers. Like the punks, the rejection of authority is represented in what they wear, in this case their footwear goes through military boots. Always skinny and tight pants, black or jeans, jeans, wide belts with rivets, boots, black or leather skirts.

Accessories with studs, military boots, leather jackets, became typical clothing for metalheads when introduced by the group Judas Priest. The shaved hair, dyed in bright colors, dark and very marked makeup and clothes that invited rebellion. Other elements of the punk aesthetic included fishnet stockings, spiked and spiked bands, studded leather jewelry, safety pins on clothing and on the skin, heavy eyeliner on both men and women.

They also dressed in leather and jeans, with torn and frayed garments, and to all of them they added their note of distinction, spiky hair, with eccentric and highly elaborate hairstyles, sometimes of various colors. Makeup is essential, it is one of the key distinguishing elements of this style.

Very feminine and glamorous. They wore black pointed toe boots and ankle boots. They seek purity of body, spirit and mind to achieve nirvana, oblivious to external stimuli. Miniskirts with tulle Miniskirts with tulle were one of the trendy garments of the 80s par excellence.

We can see them in Madonna videos or in movies with Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Ringwald, two of the iconic actresses of the time, so for your "eighties" style, nothing like choosing a skirt like this one, from Venca. Leggings Leggings were another of the garments that were the order of the day over the years. You could buy them in different colors and prints, just as we find them now.

Oversize jackets On the other hand, oversize jackets, as well as sweaters, were the order of the day, so you can choose an extra-large denim jacket, like this one from Bershka, to achieve a look of the years Dr Martens If we had fashionable footwear in the 80s, we would have to mention, of course, the military style boots.

The Dr Martens brand became very popular at that time and is still a trend today. Foot warmers And if we have to talk about accessories or complements in the fashion of the 80s, the foot warmers were without a doubt the "king". Makeup and hairdressing in the 80s The fashion of the 80s was a striking fashion, which mixed different styles and was also very colorful, something that was also reflected in the makeup and hairdressing of that time as we see below.

Makeup in the 80s The makeup of the 80s gave great importance to highlighting especially eyes and lips with colors that were very, very striking and bright, since pastel or neutral colors were considered something of the past. To all this was added, of course, the nail polish in really vigorous and outstanding colors. Along with that, we also had long hair with a lot of volume, as well as those that were worn with curly or wavy hair.

In fact, perms were the big trend of the time. Article of interest:.