How To Apply Contour

Face Concealer Application

Apply the dark shade to your temples, the area above your jawline and your cheeks. Then do the same with the light shade, but under your eyes and the lower arch of your eyebrows and in the center of your chin. If your forehead and jawline are narrow and your cheekbones are prominent.

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The contour became very fashionable because it helps us define and outline our face, but not all contours are created equal.

Knowing how to apply the contour on your face is a makeup must that you can take full advantage of once you know how to do it. If you already want to know how.

Use a medium-sized brush to apply the powder in the hollows of the cheeks, under the highlighter, leaving a thin space. There must be a little.

Contour makeup according to the shape of the face – Recommendations and Tips

You want to know how to apply contour for each face shape? Check out the post on square face contouring.

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Makeup is used to beautify the face, and contour makeup can highlight the best attributes and also correct some flaws. This type of makeup applies to all skin tones. Refining the nose, diminishing the appearance of the forehead and lifting the cheekbones are some of the things that well-executed contouring can correct and improve on the face. To correctly make up the facial contour and create the ideal look, it is essential to take into account the shape of the face.

You should always use a brush or sponges without leaving divisions between the colors. Makeup should always be uniform. In the market they sell different contour palettes, here we show you one: Good products can make a big difference when it comes to makeup, they have the right texture to blend and achieve the desired definition. Step 1: After applying the primer, apply the foundation of your skin tone using a thick brush.

Step 3: The next step is to mix all the colors, for this you need a thick brush or small sponges and blur the tones using circular movements. Step 4: Once the colors have blended harmoniously, it’s time to apply loose powder to set the makeup. Close to where the light makeup powder has been applied, a little bronzing powder should be sprinkled, just to outline the face and emphasize the bone structure. Very straight and angular lines should be softened.

To enhance the appearance draw attention to the lip line. Highlighter should be applied to the "T" zone on the forehead, nose, and chin to draw attention to that area. To achieve this, it is advisable to darken the sides of the face and lighten the central axis of the face: forehead, the top of the nose and the chin. Here I leave a tutorial where it explains the technique well, and remember to do it according to the type of face you have.

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