How To Be A Good Lover

10 Tips To Be A Good Lover

dedicated and expressive. When men dedicate themselves to observing their partner and making them feel truly sexy and beautiful, they already have many points in their favor.

It is difficult to see a man buy a book that tells how to be a better man This is basic to be a good lover, accept your partner as.

perfect caresses.

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a special rhythm.

10 tips to be a good lover | Curiosities

precise words.

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And it is not about love, but about the nerves so that things go well and that everything is not spoiled by a bad experience in bed. It is true that men have a lot of pressure when it comes to having sex in each new relationship: they are obsessed with times, measures or even with the simple fact that their nerves do not betray their erection.

Seeing the other person enjoy can sometimes turn out to be the best aphrodisiac. The next question is whether men and women really agree on this concept. Or so the experts say. So knowing how to improvise and get out of the script is also a quality that is especially valued. Regarding relationships between lesbians, getting out of coitocentrism, that is, out of business as usual, is the key. Sergio Fosela explains that mastering anatomy is important.

On the other hand, it is important not to repeat the same technique with all lovers. Sex is a game with many nuances, it is not about exploring them all, but about having the confidence to share those that interest us. In this way and going back to the initial idea, it is not about faking enthusiasm, or exaggerating the moans during orgasm.

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