How To Be A Kpop Idol Being Latina

A Mexican In SM Entertainment? A New K-pop Group Is Coming

The path to becoming a K-pop idol is not easy or simple, in addition to passing the first filter that is being chosen by a.

We tell you what Mexicans need to be idols. K-Pop groups could recruit Latinos or Spaniards to have an idol.

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A Latina can be an idol in Korea, anyway. It depends on the company, her traits (sometimes), and her talent. you must still have talent, and like all. › watch.

A Mexican in SM Entertainment? A new k-pop group is coming

Hello! The answer is a resounding no, you don’t have to be rich to be a kpop idol, because apart from there being kpop idols.

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Being an idol is not anything. Voice and dance These boys have to have virtues from a young age, because to be an idol one must stand out in dancing and singing, mainly. That is why since they were little they train in academies to continue perfecting their skills.

Auditions Once a certain skill level has been reached, guys start looking for auditions at the big talent agencies. Get a contract After a successful audition you can get a contract to be a trainee in a period of years. Teams of rookies are formed although this does not guarantee them a debut. Improving skills Trainees have to spend much of their time in dance, acting and language classes Chinese, Japanese and English are the main options.

While their schoolmates go home or go to some extracurricular class, aspiring idol boys can spend up to 20 hours a day practicing, always competing with each other to stand out from the rest. Only a small percentage of trainees go on to have an artist contract.

Although it is not a requirement, as we have already read, apprentices spend a lot of time training, so some choose to have classes at home or abandon schools completely, as many prefer to focus on their artistic career. Being disciplined at home Having a good physique is essential so diet and exercise must be constant but with regulation, sex education and etiquette lessons are also mandatory; let’s remember that aspiring idols are the example of thousands of young people and that is why they must be prepared for different social challenges.

Getting a group In this long training process, only a small handful of applicants manage to get a group, as the agencies select their favorite trainees. From Mazinger Z to Naruto, don’t miss every day of the anime bar we have for you at BitMe.