How To Clean A Mirror

3 Effective Home Remedies To Clean Mirrors At Home

Put a bucket of water, soap and white vinegar.

Cleaning the mirror is a much more complicated task than it may seem at first. In theory it should be enough to apply a little.

Apply the mixture with newspaper.

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Dry it with another newspaper.

How to clean a mirror: Amazing and impressive tricks

You can change the white vinegar for lemon juice, which is also good for.

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Items do not specify. I’m not even sure it’s still mercury today Solvents used to remove old mirror stain contain chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled. Step 1 – Remove the old cover The first step is to remove the old cover.

It is important to take the necessary safety measures during this process, since the products used are harmful and the risk of cuts is very high due to handling the edges of the mirror. Step 2 – Thoroughly Clean the Surface After removing the paint and coating, thoroughly clean the mirror to remove any other dirt or debris. Items stuck between silver and glass can leave blemishes after the mirror has been refinished.

Therefore, it is necessary that the surface is perfectly clean. You should also avoid cleaning solutions that may leave a residue or film on the surface, such as a rag, as this can prevent the silver from sticking to the glass. Step 3 – Apply Silver Nitrate Evenly This step involves reapplying the silver to the mirror to restore the tint. To do this, cover the glass with a mixture of silver nitrate that adheres directly to the surface.

It is important that this layer is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. Drying time is 24 to 48 hours. If the exposed part of the mirror shows stains, it is necessary to start all or part of the process again, paying special attention to cleaning. Step 4 – Add a Coat of Copper Paint Once the silver nitrate is dry, apply a thin coat of copper paint to seal the entire surface.

Make it easy: clean mirrors and prevent them from getting dirty