How To Clean The Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide

Is it good to clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide?

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Earwax, also called cerumen, is made by the body to protect peroxide-based ear drops (such as Debrox®), hydrogen peroxide.

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Is cleaning the ear with hydrogen peroxide correct?? – OTOTECH

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Instead of removing the wax, what they do is help push it deeper, causing damage to the ear canals. Methods to clean the ears When it comes to cleaning our ears correctly, there are several methods such as those listed below: Apply a few drops of olive oil to the inner ear. The objective is to soften the wax that we can then remove with a cotton pad the next day.

Help keep the ear clean and prevent earwax buildup. Use a method similar to cleaning the ear with hydrogen peroxide, but this time with a tablespoon of fine salt. Apply between four and five drops of vinegar a week in the ear. Use the swabs only to clean the outside of the ears.

Take care of your hearing health Maintaining good hearing health is vital to our quality of life. It is one of the fundamental senses to be able to communicate with the people around us, our environment and, ultimately, the world.

Our hearing health plays a very important role in our quality of life. Go to an otolaryngologist periodically Going to a specialist doctor regularly is vital, above all, in the event of any infection, after a trauma or when you feel discomfort.