How To Color Hair With Dye

Tint Wicks

Make a first wash with your usual shampoo.

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two. Mix the dye with hydrogen peroxide. Thirdly, we mix with the hydrogen peroxide. Since we are not looking to modify the tone much, but.

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For the second wash, use the toning shampoo, applying it in the same way as the shampoo.

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Let act about 5 minutes.

How to tone highlights – The Best Techniques for Hair

Rinse with plenty of warm water, if it is cold, better.

3. Leave on for around 10 minutes.

In today’s article we are going to see how to tone blonde highlights that are too yellow or orange. We are going to see what we can do if we need to apply the shade at home, how to do it using a dye, what dyes to use exactly and what can happen after applying the color.

My hair has already gone through different types of blonde: dye, complete discoloration and, right now, highlights, as you can see in the photo. I have seen first-hand all the problems associated with each type of coloration, and I have learned what is best for each case. And that’s why I want to share all this with you in the hair care section of this blog. I have yet to write an article on why I think sulfate-free hair products are so beneficial and how exactly they work.

One would be to maintain the ash or beige tone of the hair, and it does not involve much technique, since it can be perfectly done at home. We do not need products for professional use. That is, when, for example, the deco has been left long enough and they have turned yellow or even orange. In this case, the solution requires the use of dyes, but we can also do it to correct the color. How to tone highlights at home When highlights are applied at a hairdresser, it is normal to tone them afterwards.

It doesn’t matter if it’s root highlights, babylights or a balayage. Once the foil is removed and the hair has been lightened, a toning dye is always applied. The shading of the wicks is done for two reasons. The color of the base of the hair and the color of the highlight fade a little.

That is, a natural finish is sought. In all the years that I have been using highlights, I have only once not applied toner afterwards and the result was disastrous. I do not recommend it. And that is exactly what we are going to learn to solve in this article. Let’s see how to remove the yellow from the highlights of the hair. What to do if you have already given the highlights but they do not have the right tone.

When we wear our hair like this, it is essential to follow a specific care routine for bleached hair. Bleaching allows you to change the color of the hair radically, but it is not very good when it comes to providing naturalness or a certain tone in particular. For that we must use dyes. But the exact tone that remains is another story, that is what has to be corrected with dye.

Well, we will have to do it with a dye. Use an ash tint. Well, to counteract the yellow of the discoloration we are going to need an ash dye. There are hairdressers who prefer to use a violet dye or with blue undertones to tone. Ash dyes are those that are marked with a 0. for example 9. To get the proportion of ash that we need, we can buy the toning dye separately, that is, the 0. This is going to be the dye that gives the ash tone to the hair, counteracting the yellow or correcting the orange.

and this 0. For example, You can choose a It can also be less than 8, but for my taste, it is too dark and it would cover the wick. This is the one I’m using right now. The result of using this dye to nuance my highlights is what you see in the cover photo of this article. Olia de Garnier tone tint to tint highlights Mix the tint with hydrogen peroxide. Thirdly, we mix with the hydrogen peroxide.

Since we are not looking to modify the tone much but to change the color, we do not need a very high water. Leave on for around 10 minutes. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you may need up to 30 minutes. Then we simply rinse with water and comb. What to do if the hair is gray after bleaching If the effect is a little gray or ashy, do not worry, because the gray disappears a little with washing.

The important thing is that you will have finally got rid of the yellow chicken. Now that you have your nuanced and precious highlights, it is time to take care of that hair. Bleaching is a product that significantly damages hair. Do not forget to follow this blog on Facebook to find out about new posts and read the best hair care and beauty tips. A hug,.