How To Cook Potatoes In The Microwave

How to Microwave Potatoes in 10 Minutes

For them to be good, it is necessary to cook them in the.

The microwave functions to defrost raw foods or And keep in mind that the final color of vegetables cooked in the.

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Preparation, how to cook potatoes in the microwave: · Time: minutes, depending on the amount of potatoes · Difficulty: easy · Serve and taste: · Variations.

Microwave Potatoes – Yummy Recipes

How to cook potatoes in the microwave The cooking time of the potatoes is essential and you can prepare them in many different ways.


Freshly ground black pepper to taste Extra virgin olive oil Baking paper How to microwave potatoes. At home we usually prepare this recipe for potatoes many times, not only as a companion or side dish, with small adaptations also as part of a potato omelette. The microwave will help cook the potato, but it is not completely cooked because when dehydrated and thanks to the olive oil, salt and pepper, the potato acquires a texture between cooked and fried.

A potato with an excellent flavor that sometimes loses when we cook it in water, especially if the potato is not of quality. Preparation of potatoes in the microwave We are going to choose the potatoes with which we will prepare the recipe. It is best to buy a potato that is suitable or suitable for cooking. On this occasion they are garnish potatoes that are all the same size, on the small side.

We will have to cut them into segments of the same size, so that all the segments are cooked in the same way. In one way or another, we are going to cook them with skin, as we like them at home. We wash the potatoes very well to remove the remains of earth, if any, and other substances. We dry and have the potatoes ready to cook. Cut the 8 garnish potatoes in half, elongated, as you see in the video.

This way they sit perfectly on the surface that we are going to introduce to the micro. We put them on a baking paper, we are going to make it like a little package to make it papillote style. On the cut surface of the potato we are going to add a little salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Important so that they all cook equally. Pour a splash of extra virgin olive oil on top. In the video you will see that I add very little, thanks to a spray that I usually use to grill meat or fish.

They sell it in any large area or stores specializing in kitchenware. We make a package with the baking paper as you see in the video. We cook in the micro. In my case with 10 minutes they have been done perfectly, it depends on your microphone, you are going to know it better than me. Once ready, remove the potatoes from the microwave and, being careful not to burn yourself, remove the potatoes from the packet. You can use these potatoes like any other cooked potato, for all kinds of preparations: salads and salads or appetizers… a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips.

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