How To Curl Eyelashes With A Spoon

Curl Your Eyelashes With A Spoon: Steps And Tips To Perform This Homemade Trick

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take a clean spoon. Use a teaspoon, not a big one. It’s supposed to fit nicely over the.

Curl eyelashes with a spoon: Steps and tips to perform this homemade trick

What it consists of · Place the edge of a spoon (not wooden) in with the upper tabs. With your thumb, press the.

How to curl eyelashes with homemade tricks

We discover how to curl your eyelashes without damaging them. The best method so you don’t have to worry about doing it as often as you need. Of course, the previous step is always to clean and completely remove make-up from the eyelashes. But if you feel like trying something no-frills, learn how to curl your lashes with these methods: With a spoon.

Yes, as you hear it, it is a trick as old as it is effective. You just have to heat a coffee spoon under water, being careful not to burn it, and support the upper tabs on its convex part. Press lightly on the hair, while making a slight curved movement with the spoon.

Applying aloe vera gel. It involves putting a drop of this product on your fingertip and spreading it over the lashes from bottom to top while curling the hair. Apply light pressure for 30 seconds. If you ask professionals about how to curl eyelashes, they will all agree that this kind of scissors with pads is the best formula. The key is to place it close to the root of the lashes but without touching the skin so you don’t pinch yourself.

Press loosely for 10 seconds and at two or three different points. You can apply this technique yourself at home by acquiring a kit that includes all the elements you need. Seduce with your look every day now that you know how to curl your eyelashes without damaging them. At MaterialEstética, what we do is provide you with the best products so that the finish is perfect.