How To Darken Hair

How to Darken Discolored Highlights?

How to darken gray hair naturally. The natural process of hair graying is inevitable, and each of us tries to find ways.

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DIY: Naturally darken the hair of cool tips for those who are looking for natural solutions to darken their hair.

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How to darken bleached highlights without ruining your hair

Darkening very light highlights is not the same as darkening all of bleached hair, but it is still a job that requires a bit of patience (and a good.

Whatever your case, there is a solution. Darkening very light highlights is not the same as darkening all bleached hair, but it is still a job that requires a little patience and a good toner. These little books are essential to start darkening your light highlights. All you have to do is grab one of your bleached highlights and compare it to the shades in the swatch.

It is very important that you base yourself on the shades of the same brand of hair that you used to paint your highlights, not on another, as each brand has slightly different names and varieties of shades. Choose the right shade to hide your highlights or highlights before darkening them.

That is, in this case you would have to reach key 7 or 8. The good thing is that you can do it at home without much effort. To do this you are going to mix the hydrogen peroxide with the dye you chose accordingly. It is almost always 2 parts developer to 1 part dye. Now just follow these steps: Separate the hair into sections. Apply the dye and peroxide mixture to each section of hair with the brush.

Use a thick bristle comb to distribute the mixture evenly throughout all the strands or areas of the hair that you want to color. Rinse the comb and brush well when you finish using them. Let the mixture take effect for 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the dye you have chosen. Also do not forget that it is recommended to use the toner once a week. This could dry it out and that’s what we want to avoid. After letting the mixture act, rinse your hair with warm or cold water and gently massage the scalp.

Step 3: Correcting yellow or coppery highlights There are other ways to correct discolored highlights, especially when they are orange or very yellowish Californian highlights. I leave you this small list with the best options. Apply a color bath to your hair Simply dye yourself with a color bath to slightly darken light highlights or even hide gray hair in dark hair. Just keep in mind that this is an emergency alternative because it lasts very little. Remember to do it with certified products to avoid damaging your hair.

Color baths do not have silicones or ammonia, which is why they usually leave hair hydrated and strong, despite giving such a short toning effect, it usually lasts only one or two weeks. This technique is also temporary, usually only lasting a couple of days, so it’s only appropriate if you want to give your hair a different look for a special event. Also do not forget to use cream bath and conditioner when you wash your hair.