How To Dice Onions

How to cut an onion into squares?

Put 1 finger forward and 2 back.

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The knuckle part will guide the knife and try to get closer to the root.

Make cuts along the.

How to cut onion correctly?

Push the knife through the middle of the.

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Many times when we see Arguiñano and company chopping the entire orchard in 5 minutes on the clock, our self-esteem plummets. For all of you who like me are contact lens wearers, here is the first tip of the day: don’t chop the onion with your contact lenses on. In this way we will only end up rubbing our eyes without noticing any relief and end up losing a contact lens. With the glasses, a simple wash is enough to remove the substances.

Utensils: Cutting board Preparation less than 5 minutes: To start we must give two cuts to the onion: one at the base and another at the top. Next, we cut the onion in half as shown in the photograph.

We take the onion with one hand and with the knife we ​​make cuts frontally reaching the bottom. In the photograph, I’m only cutting halfway. After having made these cuts, we proceed to cut laterally, obtaining the squares. It is important to pick up the onion with your fingers positioned so that the nails are in front of the knife, thus avoiding unnecessary cuts.

When we finish with the first half, we continue with the other.