How To Dye Hair Naturally

5 Natural Ingredients To Dye Your Hair

Mix a cup of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice and then apply the mixture to your.

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How to lighten hair naturally with home remedies. More information.

Before you wash or rinse your.

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Repeat this treatment once a week to slowly lighten your.

How to dye hair with natural extracts? – better with health

Another of the most effective methods to dye hair naturally is to use henna since it is a natural pigment that manages to provide.

Natural extracts to color hair

We are not referring to herbal dyes, but to dyes that we can make at home from plants. Henna dyes well to the roots and adds thickness and health to our hair. We will mix the henna powder, which we will find in herbalists and natural products stores, with a little lemon juice and oil or conditioner so that it does not dry out the hair too much. To dye blonde hair Chamomile is well known for giving light tones to our hair.

That is why we will prepare an infusion of chamomile and we will also add calendula. We will apply the infusion for at least half an hour and rinse. To dye brown hair Walnut leaves allow us to give hair a brown hue, but also add shine and strength.

Formerly this dye was made by boiling the walnut leaves in beer, which is also very beneficial for our hair, since it gives it a lot of shine and when boiled it loses the alcohol. Another option is to boil sage and rosemary in plenty of water for six hours. For its part, rosemary is an excellent plant for our hair, traditionally used to prevent hair loss.

Later, when the infusion is cold, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and apply it for half an hour, and then rinse. We will prepare the well-concentrated infusion and let it rest for half an hour. We will apply it and let it act for twenty minutes.

Some clarifications Do not use aluminum containers or utensils for the preparation of natural dyes. When we apply them to our hair, we must try to cover them with film for a better result. Repeat the process every few days until we get the desired color.

We will let it act for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm or cold water. Also, we can use them regularly, since they do not spoil it. Can be used even in pregnancy. you might be interested