How To Dye Your Hair At Home

This is how you can dye your hair at home (and without anyone’s help)

Painting your hair at home is possible with these practical tips. Choose the right hair dye for your tone and follow this step by step to.

Today more salons are offering henna for hair coloring. As we mentioned earlier, henna is good for creating pigment.

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If you need an urgent dye, don’t worry, in aHOWTO we tell you all the steps to dye your hair, as well as the best tips for.

Because you are such a faithful follower of trends as to change your look following the latest fashion –this season it is earth tones, tile.

7 steps to dye your hair at home (and make it look good on you)

from time to time, but you are tired of going to the beauty salon, painting your hair at home is the best option to save time and money.

Don’t try to switch from one hair dye to a very different color

Painting your hair at home is not as simple as spending an afternoon in the hands of your favorite stylist, while you read a fashion magazine or catch up on your social networks. Discover the points that you must take into account now that you have decided to embark on this path of color on your own: Step by step to paint your hair from homeArthur Elgort Choose the right products to paint your hair It is well known that the supermarket has an aisle specifically for hair dyes, as this is a multi-million dollar business around the world that has decades of innovation.

However, it is preferable to buy a better quality dye in specialized stores, usually located in shopping centers or specific areas of some cities. Simple, if you do not have previous experience, do not try to go from a very dark color to an extremely blonde one or do effects such as balayage or highlights. The best advice we can give you is: stick to your color range. This is important to point out because the application of the dye depends on this, and it is that the heat that we emanate from the head intervenes in the chemical process of hair coloring.

If you are going to lighten the hair, it is important to start from the ends to the middle and then from the middle to the roots. If you are going to darken the hair, you can start from the root without problem. This is the step by step: Try that your hair is not clean, but that it is without product residue. Divide the hair on your head into four sections and start treating each section independently. Start with the section of your choice and divide into small horizontal sections of hair. Start distributing the product mixture with a special brush.

Always remember to use gloves and layers to protect your skin and clothing from chemicals. Finish all sections and allow the time indicated in the product instructions to elapse.