How To Eliminate Cockroaches With Baking Soda

How to Eliminate Cockroaches

In a bowl mix equal parts.

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We are here to help you with tips to help you avoid and kill cockroaches. A closeup of a cockroach on a white cabinet in the kitchen. › how-to-kill-cockroaches-home-always

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Other ways to eliminate cockroaches with baking soda Take a container Put the same amount of baking soda and sugar Add water.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Onion, baking soda and wheat flour: To kill cockroaches you can make a mixture of crushed onion in the blender and mix with baking soda and.

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See insecticides, pesticides and repellents Cockroaches are insects that sneak everywhere. To do this, there are several methods and tricks: natural products, small homemade tricks to prevent its appearance or; commercial insecticides. Essential oils are effective and ecological.

Rosemary essential oil combined with eucalyptus essential oil make a good team. A few drops of these essential oils on a sheet of newspaper immediately kill these little enemies. Place the sheets of newspaper in strategic locations: under the fridge, under the furniture, under the bed, etc.

To keep them out of the house when there aren’t many, use a diffuser to diffuse pure lavender essential oil throughout the house. Cockroaches hate this smell and leave immediately. Diatomaceous earth is an environmentally friendly alternative to insecticides. Its powder format can be spread along the passageways, inside the cracks or forming small piles in the corners of the house.

Place canning or glass jars smeared with Vaseline or with any greasy and slippery substance such as coconut oil throughout the house. Place food scraps in the bottom of the jar to attract cockroaches. In this way, they get trapped in the Vaseline and die of exhaustion. White vinegar is simple and effective, and it is sprayed on walkways to keep cockroaches away from your home. Food attracts cockroaches a lot, so clean your cupboards thoroughly and remove all crumbs and any open packages.

Do not offer them an all-you-can-eat buffet and store as much as you can in the fridge or in airtight jars. Avoid leaving your pet’s bowls full of food. Also do not accumulate dishes in the sink. Hermetically sealed containers To prevent any infestation, clean your house thoroughly. Vacuum all corners, cracks try to cover them later, baseboards, under the bed And then clean the surfaces with natural detergent. Regularly and thoroughly clean electrical appliances, as well as the kitchen extractor, as it accumulates grease that is a feast for cockroaches.

To prevent any infestation, clean your house thoroughly. Extractor There are many insecticides to kill cockroaches and they are usually found in spray format, syringes to apply drops or powder. When sprayed on the ceiling, on the passageways, on the skirting boards or under the furniture, they instantly kill these little bugs. There is also the glue trap, which is used to attract cockroaches and trap them in a sticky substance from which they cannot escape.

Boxes – insecticide bait If you are concerned about the safety of your family and your pets, you can opt for an insecticide in the form of a box-bait. The different models have been designed so that the insecticide product is housed inside, which is accessed through slots through which only these annoying insects can access. Electric cockroach repellers These small electrical devices emit ultrasounds that are imperceptible to humans but very annoying to some insects and animals.

Models designed for cockroaches are effective even for the annoying blonde or German cockroach. These are products that you can find on the market, but with which you have to take great precautions: you have to remove all plants, animals and food products from the home before using it. Activate the smoke and leave the house for about four hours. When you return, ventilate all rooms for at least two hours and do a general cleaning.

Try to clean all textiles, curtains, cushions, blankets, rugs, etc.