How To Eliminate Frizz

How to Eliminate Frizz (Frizzy Hair) With Natural Products

Choose a glycerin, sulfate-free shampoo.

Today I know that avoiding Frizz is very easy. You have to know how to choose the products and avoid some mistakes. In today’s article I am going to tell you all the tricks and.

Don’t skip the conditioner.

Twice a week, apply conditioner instead of shampoo.

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Use a moisturizing mask per week.

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Home remedies to prevent frizz

Although there are many products in stores for this condition, you can also take advantage of natural and homemade recipes and recommendations. Get to know some of them in the following article. Here we explain some of them. Then you have to mix everything well and then apply the mixture on the hair. However, at the time of drying it is not recommended to use the dryer, on the contrary, it should be left to dry in the open air.

Olive oil and raw egg For this remedy, mix a fourth cup of olive oil and a raw egg. Then on wet hair, apply the mixture and leave it on for 30 minutes to wash it again. Olive oil is a good emollient that helps to moisturize the strands. Then wash your hair as usual. Mayonnaise and avocado The formula for this remedy is as follows: Mix a cup of mayonnaise with the pulp of half an avocado.

After that time wash the hair. Apple cider vinegar and water Combine a few cm3 of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water and mix the two ingredients well. Apply this preparation to your dry hair before washing it. Natural oil To carry it out, follow these steps: Apply any natural or essential oil to your hair, such as almond or coconut oil. They serve to nourish the hair. Wash your hair as usual and when it is almost dry, apply a few drops of oil in order to give it a certain fragrance.

Honey and essential oil Rub the hair with a tablespoon of pure honey from bees. Mix in equal parts with an essential oil and massage into the hair, allowing it to penetrate well, for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and then wash as usual.

After washing as usual, give a final rinse with a cup of this warm water. Apply the mixture to the hair and let it act for about half an hour. After this time, rinse with warm water, untangling the hair with your fingers. you might be interested