How To Grow Hair

How to Grow Hair Faster

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How to Grow Hair Faster – Step To Health

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can i make my hair grow faster?

One of the factors of our hair that we pay attention to is its growth. Today we will tell you how hair grows and how you can promote its growth. Hair develops in cycles that alternate between growth and loss. During the growth period you may notice that your hair grows at an average speed of around 1 cm per month, with variations between different people that can range from 0.5 to 3 cm per month.

Yes and no. On the one hand, it is true that you can do some things to optimize hair growth. If there is little availability of nutrients, the body does not dedicate them to the hair, but to the main organs. Use food supplements. They do not replace a balanced diet, but they can give a little push until everything is regularized. Use cosmetic products with growth stimulants.

There are some molecules and natural products that stimulate hair growth. There are some products that would have a certain effect when it comes to growing hair. Many products have been tested, including: Vitamins B, C, E: they have been seen to improve blood flow in the capillary area. Bacopa: it is a plant that we know from Ayurvedic medicine and that has alkaloids that seem to stimulate hair growth.

They are believed to work by prolonging the period of hair growth. Caffeine: caffeine, and by extension the plants that contain it, stimulate blood circulation with a positive impact on hair growth. Among the products that have been tested in vivo or in vitro to stimulate hair growth we find: onion, rosemary, apple, almond, hydrangea, walnuts, basil, grape, sage, fenugreek, bergamot, ginkgo, liquorice, soy… hence the wide variety of products that exist for hair health.

The other thing you can do to have long hair is to take care of the hair that has already grown so that it stays with you for years. Some things you can do are: Avoid rough brushing. Rough brushing breaks the hair fiber. Minimize the frequency of aggressive treatments, such as bleaching or permanent. These products weaken the fiber, facilitating its breakage. Use the right products for your hair type. Fine, straight hair is not the same as hair with a thick, closed curl.

cut it on time. As you can see, having long and well-groomed hair is not just a matter of taking vitamins, it is a strategy that involves good nutrition, the right products, and good hair care.