How To Have Curly Hair Forever

straight or curly hair. Which one is better for you?

There are many of us who prefer to air dry our hair, because Now yes, you are ready for those curls you always dreamed of.

But in the case of curly hair, this damage can also completely change the appearance of our hair and even make it.

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If you have thick, strong curls like Olivia Vinten, always apply conditioner after washing your hair and oils and creams to.

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She has quite fine and straight hair, but she always manages to make her hair curl close to her face, with quite pronounced waves.

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You have curly hair and you don’t know how to tame it? Put these tricks into practice to get a mane of cinema, with defined curls.

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Possible solutions

That is the question many women ask themselves when they look in the mirror. There are supporters and detractors for each type of hair, so let’s see the advantages of each type of hair. In fact, you can just drop it down and voila, a hairstyle that never goes out of date. Another great advantage of straight hair is that there are a lot of styling ideas that go better with this type of hair.

Even short hair looks good when you have straight hair. We cannot finish this review of the advantages of straight hair without mentioning its ease of cleaning. One of the best benefits of having curly hair is its versatility. You can wear your hair in as many different styles as you like and it looks fabulous when you combine it with accessories like hats. So if what you are looking for is hair with body and volume, curls are going to be your best option.

Requires less maintenance. It is well known that curly hair needs to be washed less often than straight hair. Not only because too much hair product can be harmful, but because it’s also good news for your wallet.