How To Know If A Cat Is Pregnant

How to know if my cat is pregnant

Yes, it is possible that cats detect pregnancy before you show the first signs of pregnancy. This is due to its excellent and.

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This gestation will last between 64 and 67 days on average and will end with the Knowing the phases of the cat’s pregnancy helps the.

Ideally, your pregnant cat should be allowed to have a room or space just for How to tell when your cat is in labor.

Cat in zeal? Calm! Follow our advice to prepare yourself well for the mating of your feline.

How to know if my cat is pregnant | Signs and clues

Do you suspect your cat is pregnant?? This is a question that many pet parents in Colombia ask themselves when noticing certain changes in the.

The gestation of cats lasts approximately 65 days, although after 58 days it is considered to be a normal pregnancy. The number of kittens will depend on the breed and the age of the cat, usually between 1 and 5 kittens per litter. breast augmentation. Weight gain. Another indication is the attitude of the cat, she takes care to take care of her belly avoiding touching it or rubbing it with objects.

avoid jumping. Preparation for childbirth. When the pregnancy approaches the eighth week, the cat begins to look for a secluded, comfortable and dark place that allows her to carry out her delivery without intrusive glances. You must increase the food as the pregnancy progresses, it is crucial that the food is of quality and that it includes proteins and vitamins. If the cat is not overweight, you could leave food available to her permanently.

Water is also important that you have it available at all times. Don’t touch her if she doesn’t allow it, avoid touching her belly, since they don’t like it. Let her isolate herself if she wants. Now, if she is looking for company, you can touch her head, her legs, etc. When the due date approaches, provide an ideal place for delivery to take place.

Ideally, it should be an unoccupied room, in which the light is reduced and a box with a pillow or rug is placed to serve as a bed. If you do not have a room, it can be any corner that offers privacy. When the kittens are born, do not try to catch them, the cats recognize their kittens by the smell, if you take the puppies and impregnate them with your scent, the cat can disown them, which is a serious problem.

Request a veterinary consultation to check the kittens, to indicate when they should be vaccinated and in case you notice that there is something wrong with any of the offspring. Remember that homeless kittens become strays, which is highly undesirable.