How To Know When A Dog Is Pregnant

Signs That Indicate Your Dog May Be Pregnant

Greater swelling and growth of the breasts: The usual thing is that the breasts of our.

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You will have the rosiest nipples.

You will have the rosiest nipples.

You will urinate more often.

How do I know if my dog ​​is pregnant?? The most complete information

It will expel a transparent flow.

How to know if my dog ​​is pregnant: symptoms

Specifically during the three fertile weeks that they have every eight months. During the first weeks, and despite the fact that canine gestation usually lasts between 61 and 65 days, it is quite difficult to perceive the pregnancy. And it is that, unlike what happens with people, a canine pregnancy test capable of immediately revealing the start of pregnancy has not yet been invented. Increase in the tonality of the breasts a month after mating. In some cases this change is accompanied by the secretion of a semi-transparent liquid.

Progressive increase in weight from the month of gestation until it doubles its weight. Swelling in the belly area from quarantine. Something especially visible in bitches that have already given birth and in those that carry many puppies inside. Increased appetite in the second half of pregnancy. Increased hours spent sleeping. Emotional imbalances: passing from an exacerbated affection to a surly attitude for no apparent reason.

In short, any unexpected change in your attitude that is accompanied by any of the physical changes mentioned can put us on the track of a possible pregnancy. And we say it can because, even though several of these signs of pregnancy are visible, it is possible that our dog is the victim of a psychological pregnancy, also called pseudo-pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy.

The tests that bitches are usually subjected to to confirm or rule out their pregnancy are the following: Serological test Since in bitches it is not possible to know if there are offspring on the way by taking a look at progesterone or prolactin, the levels are checked follicle-stimulating hormone.

In order to confirm pregnancy, this test must be combined with some other test. Relaxin test In the third week after fertilization it is possible to find relaxin in the placenta. A hormone that reveals the start of pregnancy. X-ray From the sixth week of pregnancy it is possible to observe the puppies through an X-ray.

Whether you want your dog not to get pregnant again, or if you are very clear that you do not want your best friend to have offspring, what you should do is sterilize her. You may also like