How To Lighten Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide in the hair is synonymous with discoloration. Yes, because this ingredient makes the hair lighten, without the need to use dyes. › personal-care › hydrogen-peroxide-hair.

To remove the hydrogen peroxide, you just have to rinse the hair well with warm water and wash it as you normally do.

✅ How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide Step by Step

Take a small strand of your hair, impregnate a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and pass it repeatedly through the strand. When it is very wet, wait half an hour.

You don’t need to pour it all out, use it as you need it. Start at the roots to reach the tips. Advertisements Advertisements As you apply the developer, wrap each of your strands in aluminum foil. You can apply heat with a hair dryer, although I do not recommend it, because it can dangerously accelerate the action of hydrogen peroxide.

After twenty minutes, proceed to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and apply a deep conditioner to nourish the processed strands. Ads Therefore, it is important to take care of it afterwards. And since I’m here, I’ll tell you too. It is important that you wash your hair less frequently, since shampoos drag the natural oils from the hair. Advertisements Advertisements If you can’t go several days without washing your hair, try a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoos, such as Batiste, come in spray form and allow you to remove dirt from the hair, but without the need to wet it. Another important thing. The days after bleaching, avoid rubbing and pulling your hair when you brush it. Advertisements Advertisements Once a week do a deep treatment with olive oil or coconut oil.

Apply a generous amount to your hair and leave it on for at least an hour. This product neutralizes those ugly yellows. And now you know how to lighten your hair without damaging it. Announcements Announcements If you have any questions about the process or anything else, you can leave me a comment below. Related Posts.