How To Lighten My Intimate Area

Discover The Problems That Can Derive From Incorrect Intimate Hygiene

Bleach Gel is a super-concentrated gel to lighten the skin of the intimate area. It is formulated to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and.

Yes, intimate masks, like 24, from Bioxidea. It is a mask for the genital area that revitalizes, has a lifting effect and rejuvenates.

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Both the penis and the vaginal lips darken and it is something completely normal and the reason is in the melanin, a substance produced by.

It is an essential part of our daily care routine, which also includes intimate areas. We explain how to take care of them properly and what you should.

Discover the problems that can arise from incorrect intimate hygiene – Live your skin

To lighten the armpits and crotch there are some creams that help to reduce How to wax the intimate area (with wax, shaver and cream).

We tell you about the problems derived from carrying it out incorrectly. The hygiene of the intimate area should be part of the daily cleaning routine of any person. Just as you clean your teeth or your body every day, it is also essential that you clean your genital area correctly.

As you can see, we are not only talking about a problem of hygiene and care, but a health problem can end up appearing. Daily washing of the external vulvar area The external part of the genitals is the one that must be washed daily with water and a specific product. The soap that we use to clean the external area should not be the same soap that we use for the body because the skin in this area has special characteristics that must be respected so as not to cause irritation, itching or dryness.

It must be a product with a suitable pH to maintain the acidity that exists in that area and that serves as a natural protection against infections. Avoid using sponges and rinse abundantly To clean this area it is much better to use your own hand than a sponge. Germs proliferate in sponges because of the moisture they retain.

If we do it the other way around, we run the risk of dragging microorganisms present in the anus and its surroundings to the vulvar area. Douching is not a good idea They cause an imbalance in the bacterial flora inside the vagina. We are not referring to the slight odor that is normal in the area, but to strong and very unpleasant odors.

Vaginal irritations: the lack of proper hygiene can cause the accumulation of irritating substances in the area that cause itching and discomfort. The use of inadequate hygiene products or abusing cosmetics such as deodorants can also cause irritation. It is also harmful to apply deodorants and other products with active ingredients that are irritating or capable of altering the pH. Urinary infection, cystitis: most of the time cystitis is caused by bacteria from the large intestine reaching the bladder, such as E.

coli, which if it adheres to the walls and proliferates causes the infection. Now that you know the consequences that inadequate hygiene can have on your intimate health, we invite you to follow our recommendations, use the right products and avoid discomfort and health problems.