How To Lighten Private Parts Quickly

Anus Or Genital Bleaching

LEMON AND WARM WATER. RUB half a lemon on the affected area at night and remove with warm water in the morning.

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on how to lighten intimate parts quickly to combat crotch hyperpigmentation.

GREEN TEA. APPLY green tea bags previously boiled for 30 minutes.

PEROXIDE. APPLY hydrogen peroxide vol.

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Why can the crotch area darken?

Hence, many women want to have anal bleaching to mitigate these effects. It is always important to have good hygiene in the intimate area, but not only because of the color of the genitals but also because it is necessary to avoid infections or other discomfort. As if that were not enough, we can always have secondary inflammations due to having had diarrhea, constipation and even hemorrhoids.

It is necessary to do a whitening session every fifteen days and about eight sessions could be enough. In the first place, it must be said that there must always be an assessment by the expert, before giving way to genital whitening itself.

In that price the treatment is already included as well as the anesthesia, which is usually in the form of a cream and the consultation. Although it is a minimally invasive treatment, another of the recommendations that are usually made is that the treated area cannot be exposed to the sun and you should avoid sexual intercourse for a week.

Alternative products to use at home But if you do not want to spend a lot of money on sessions in beauty salons, you can opt for the products available to help whiten the vagina that you can use in the privacy of your home. Products that you can find on the market such as vaginal whitening creams may have risks associated with their use.

Bleaching products may contain harmful ingredients like hydroquinone. Hydroquinine is a chemical that has been linked to some side effects. It is important that you do not buy a vaginal whitener on your own without knowing anything about it, the ideal is that you first go to your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

Even if you are embarrassed to talk about this with another person, it is better that you do so to avoid surprises or reactions on your skin. The good thing about this type of product is that you can use it in your own home, and there are women who, as usual, do not feel comfortable when other people touch their vagina for aesthetic purposes. How to avoid darkening of the intimate area It is true that sometimes avoiding darkening of the intimate area is not an easy task.

In intimate hygiene we must avoid all kinds of products that contain quite strong perfumes. The best thing is always to let ourselves be carried away by soft soaps or gels that are specific for intimate care. We will also avoid talcum powder. It is best to wash ourselves well with neutral PH soap and water, to clean ourselves with a soft towel. As far as possible, you should avoid clothing that is too tight.

The underwear, which is cotton. Being such sensitive areas, both the intimate parts and the area that surrounds them, we must avoid friction, for example when we practice a sport that requires friction in the groin area or surroundings. Be that as it may, I hope that all this information has helped you to know what genital whitening is. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics.

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