How To Lower The Double Chin And Cheeks

Tricks To Reduce Double Chin In Men

There is a myth that says that the fat of the cheek and jowls can no longer be lowered except for operations, it is true? Or it can be lowered with physical exercise?

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How to remove double chin. Double chin, an accumulation of fat or sagging of the skin under the chin, is one of the aesthetic problems.

Avoid miracle diets Perform facial exercises Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in excess Drink enough water and follow a diet.

How to remove double chin. A double chin is usually the natural result of aging or gaining a little weight. If you want to slim down the area of ​​the.

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one. Reductive massage technique for double chin. We recommend that you do this self-massage every day as part of your skin care routine.

Treatments for double chin

This accumulation of fat tends to hang down, forming the conspicuous bulge that we call jowls. There are different factors that can cause this accumulation of fat and one of the main factors is purely genetic.

Other factors are the lack of muscle tone in the neck area and sagging. Flaccidity often caused by constant weight variations. Until the age of 30, the levels of fat accumulation are usually very low, from this age, the hormones begin to change their behavior, increasing the accumulation of fat, both in men and women.

It is then that we begin to suffer the first accumulations, these are initially localized and one of the main places where they are located is under the chin, as we have already explained. Tricks to reduce double chin The double chin is a difficult area to access, especially when it comes to reducing excess fat. Many people who see themselves with a few extra kilos, aspire to get that body 10 based on exercise and diets, in most cases and if they are constant, they get.

However, on very few occasions attention is paid to the part of the neck, where the double chin appears, an area that can spoil all our efforts. If we suffer from this annoying aesthetic problem, it is time to remedy and put an end to this annoying bag of fat, for this, just follow the following tricks to reduce the double chin. Avoid Overweight Control your weight, avoid rising from your ideal weight according to your constitution. If your problem is overweight, try to lose weight through a specialist until you reach a normal weight.

These diets usually have a rebound effect, that is, the weight you lose at first is regained as soon as you stop the diet, otherwise you increase it. On the other hand, this type of diet usually damages the cells that make up our skin, causing the first symptoms of flaccidity and loss of tone. Performing certain exercises of the neck, mouth, etc. Use specific firming creams Firming creams also play an important role, both for prevention and treatment.

Drink plenty of water Water is a fundamental element to prevent fat from accumulating. Try to drink plenty of water, as well as try to eat a balanced diet. Exercise 1 Raise your tongue until it reaches the palate and then make circles with it on the palate, try to go clockwise. We will repeat this exercise 10 times and we will do it 2 to 3 times a day. Try to hold this position for 5 seconds and rest.

It is about making small circles with your head first to one side and then to the other. Don’t forget to always look forward. You may also like:.