How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With Whatsapp

How to Conquer a Woman on WhatsApp

For me a minute has 60 ways of thinking.

Flirting on Whatsapp, more than a fashion, is a reality: to meet women also that girl that we care about and that we have a real interest in her.

The hours get shorter when I’m sharing messages with you.

Dream that someone dies

And colorín colorado, you have made me fall in love.

How to CONQUER a woman by WhatsApp ® Bitter love

Every message from you is a smile from me.

Use WhatsApp to know your routine

It is important to note that the person you are going to write to is a natural person and that you are going to interact with their interests and emotions. The beginning of a conversation can be important. It may denote interest, but we are sure you will like it.

If you don’t know her in person you can use humor, it always works. You can mention a photo or something related to what you have seen. Use unanswered questions, as imagination catches the other person’s interest. You can even place it in your states, so that it also creates interest and wants to use them personally. Women like sincerity and attention, but without being excessive. I don’t like to see a guy who is continually lost in talking and flattering a girl, or who is in line all day waiting for a conversation.

A nice touch is to remember when you leave work or finish your school day, at that time you can ask how it went. Use emoticons It’s nice to use emoticons to make it clear what you feel without words. I really like to see how are the emotions of the person with whom we interact. But as a recommendation it is not good to use them constantly, it may seem childish.

Watch your spelling and the way you write Spelling is the best thing to watch when writing. Also, don’t use challenging language that might make a woman uncomfortable. Careful and formal messages are very appreciated, they do not have to seem offensive or arrogant. On the other hand, do not overwrite. You have to be direct and concise, so that the conversation flows naturally and easily.

When too long texts are written, it can seem like someone desperate, without a social life and therefore gives a feeling of heaviness. You can check how is his way of speaking and if he likes the great quality or the size of the texts. If she is very precise and likes short sentences, then you have to reply with her example. Take a while to answer his messages and let him know how you are little by little.

Your social life, your work, your hobbies… all of this can be discovered on a first date, if he really wants to meet you. But in the meantime make him hook you trying to give that touch of mystery. You can anticipate in some questions, know how to wait in not answering immediately and always creating uncertainty. Use their name in conversations, do not use diminutives or take confidence in giving nicknames.

Show security in everything you say and also interested, although in part. Do not forget that before sending them you have to review what you have written, so as not to make mistakes. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

How to conquer a woman on WhatsApp?