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A grill from 1 meter to 1.20 meters wide by 0.60 meter deep allows you to make a barbecue for between 10 and 12 people, something average for any.

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With the ingredients ready we start to prepare our grill · To light our grill we place a bit of paper in the center and the.

A grill from 1 meter to 1.20 meters wide by 0.60 meter deep allows you to make a barbecue for between 10 and 12 people, something average for any.

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How to build a brick barbecue with bricks or a drum. Ideas to make cheap barbecues. See how to do it step by step!

Do you want to learn how to make a brick barbecue without spending too much money?? Let’s do it!

Many of the standard barbecue designs include an oven and side rack, but these add-ons add considerably to the cost of construction. The biggest advantage of homemade brick barbecues is that you can adjust the design to your budget and adapt the structure to your needs.

Therefore, learning how to make an inexpensive brick barbecue is a good way to save money. Keep reading to find out the instructions on how to make a brick barbecue and the necessary materials. Discover how to make a brick barbecue in just a few steps Before starting to make a brick barbecue, take the measurements and draw the scale plan so as not to make mistakes.

When drawing up the design, consider the available budget and your skills. Setting attainable goals is preferable to leaving work unfinished. If you are not very comfortable with masonry and your budget is tight, opt for grills without a hood. On the contrary, if you have experience to spare, include a lower shelf to store the elements of the grill.

You could incorporate a side table with a sink to prepare meat or vegetables, and rinse kitchen utensils. It is recommended that you build a concrete slab to level the ground, guarantee weight support and ensure the stability of the structure. Now you can start building the structure. This part can be painted later. Prepare the mortar mix and place the bricks little by little.

Check that they are aligned and level with a spirit level. Every time you finish a row, go over the joint to ensure a neat finish. Respect the drying time of the products used before placing the grill and the rest of the barbecue accessories. A beer barrel can be very useful for a homemade barbecue. Step by step on how to make a barbecue from a beer barrel Get a twenty liter beer barrel that is galvanized.

Clean it well and cut it in half. You can hook a heat resistant rubber on the top to hold them better. Then place the grill on top. If you want you can place two rods on the sides with a crank and some iron cables to regulate the height of the grill.

Make a smooth griddle to place on the grill to grill eggs, julienned onions, and other small foods. Keep in mind these tips on how to build a homemade barbecue There are different types of structures, designs and models of homemade barbecues. It is not recommended that you try to learn how to make a sheet metal barbecue if you do not have experience welding. If you have already soldered before, take the measurements and make the design. Cut the iron rods and side plates with a hacksaw.

It is time to acquire the stainless steel barbecue tongs. Keep in mind that there are special grills for certain foods that you can place on the installed grill. For example, the dome-shaped grill for fish or the two-sided rectangular ones that serve to hold food cut into small pieces.

Buy charcoal, firewood and self-ignition tablets. Therefore, they are perfect for moving or going to spend a day in the country. These devices work with a cylinder, so they guarantee effective cooking without ash or smoke. We all want to welcome summer with a nice party with family and friends. For this, nothing better than having a barbecue where we prepare the food slowly while we enjoy the good weather having a pleasant conversation. At MasFerretería we have the best materials on the market so you know how to build a barbecue in your patio or garden with your own hands or install a completely new one.

It is important that it has a good base in order to be as safe and stable as possible. The same goes for plaster or cement construction. Once calculated, we will start laying the bricks. The ideal is to build a front wall and two on the sides, that is, three walls of the same size and height. To make them perfect we can use a level with which we will carry out the relevant checks.

Next, we will make the dough to join the bricks. To do this, we will dissolve the cement in water until it acquires a pasty consistency, neither very liquid nor very solid. We have to stack rows of bricks applying this mass between them trying to make them sit well.

At the height that we choose to put the grill of our barbecue we will put some screws, spikes or, in short, any element of our choice that serves as a support. This way we will avoid unnecessary scares. If this option does not convince us, it is also possible that during the preliminary lifting of the walls we place some of the bricks crosswise. There is a wide range of products on the market to do this job.

To enjoy it, remember to cook over low heat so that the food does not burn on the outside and remains raw on the inside. Do not make the mistake of continually turning the pieces over, it is better to let them rest.