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How to Make a Double Ribbon Bow Step by Step

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A bun can be the perfect hairstyle for girls if your little princess is restless and likes to run around. It’s very easy to do.

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Bows made using ribbons can be used as hair accessories, gift wrapping, dresses, crafts, and more. Steps. Method 1.

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Instructions on how to make this pretty gift bow. Fold the water tape several times, (see this step graphically).

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Next Article A new origami proposal! Today I propose to learn how to make a beautiful bow that we can use for gifts, to make a mobile with origami bows or to make small decorative appliques for the home such as curtains, a tablecloth, etc. everyone use your imagination!!!

With this tutorial you will learn how to make these bows step by step and without a doubt! Materials: Design origami paper. little scissor. To start shaping our bow we will have to make a square origami base with the design towards the inside. Once you have made the square base, which I remind you again that for the bow it has to be with the design facing inwards, we can start working. We stand facing the piece and we must bend down the upper part of the tip.

For this we must measure approximately 2 centimeters. We mark to orient ourselves and fold by hand. Next we open the paper and we will observe the following folding lines on the paper. We fold it up again and we will cause what is called the collapse of the paper. We will do it by pushing the right and left sides inwards and we will obtain a fold like the one seen in the photograph. We turn the paper and repeat the operation.

It is time to open the paper slowly forward by gently pulling on the 4 sides until the paper opens completely. Little by little we will begin to see a square in the center of the paper. It is time to flatten the paper well and leave it ready for the next step. We turn the paper and make 4 cuts. For this we have to be very careful.

You have to cut where it belongs. Look carefully at all the photos. In the following two photographs you can clearly see where the 4 cuts should be made, paying attention to how far to go with the cut. Now it’s time to fold down the middle top. Once we fold, we have to make two diagonal folds on both sides to start shaping the bow. We’ll have to make a new cut.

We must cut along the central fold vertically. This cut we have to do in both pieces of paper. Here you can see the cuts well. Next step, we must make a diagonal fold on each side of the paper. And then fold up the tips from the bottom up to start shaping the loops of the bow. And we make a diagonal fold again on each side. We turn the paper. And we take one of the points to the center and place it inside the central square.

If you liked the origami bow and you are curious to know how to make an origami heart, do not miss the tutorial here! Item Options.

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