How To Make Chinese Rice With Shrimp

How to make Chinese rice easy and fast

For a vegetarian version, substitute more chopped greens (vegetables) and/or diced tofu for the ham and shrimp. tip 2. touch.

Chinese fried rice with shrimp, eggs and bean sprouts. A complete and delicious meal as a main course.

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If you want to prepare a Chinese menu to go, this recipe for authentic Chinese rice with shrimp is easy to prepare and in less than 30 minutes you will have a.

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Ingredients ; 2oz. peanut or groundnut oil; 4. medium-sized shrimp, already peeled and cleaned (deveined), cut into half-inch slices; one.

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Ingredients · 1 carrot · 1 onion · 1 green onion · grams of shrimp · grams of chicken or beef breast · grams of bacon · 1.


The version that we usually eat of oriental fried rice in our countries has its origins in the Chinese-American cuisine of the immigrants who arrived in the city of San Francisco. Next I will explain in detail, step by step, how to make Chinese rice or fried rice. Ingredients to make Chinese fried rice The rice You need to have white rice refrigerated, made several hours in advance, if it is from the night before, the better.

I recommend that you prepare it following my white rice recipe. The fat As we are going to prepare fried rice, it is necessary that you use fat. Ideally, you should use lard, it gives it a lot of flavor. In fact, it is one of the secrets of restaurants. If you don’t have it, or don’t want to use it, vegetable oil works too. Meats Choose the proteins you want to add.

My recommendation is chicken and fresh shrimp. But you can put beef, pork, smoked chop pieces, turkey, squid, ham, whatever you want. Cut the meats into medium cubes. Clean well of any fat they have and reserve them. In the case of using shrimp, simply cut them in half if they are medium or large. Vegetables You can use whatever you get in the fridge.

I recommend: carrot, celery, peas, bean sprouts, spring onion and, very importantly, fresh ginger. Ginger gives it a lot of flavor. Don’t do without it unless you don’t like it. Use a wok or a large, deep skillet. Wait for it to start smoking before putting the fat on it.

Reserve the proteins in a separate container and start sautéing the vegetables in the same wok with an extra tablespoon of fat. Add a touch of salt or soy sauce. Incorporate the previously cooked egg. Add the meats. mix well. Add the white rice little by little so that you can easily manipulate the wok when mixing everything.

Do not stop stirring and check that the point of salt is adequate. Remove the wok from the heat, add the chopped spring onion and voila, you have a delicious homemade fried rice. Other Chinese rice recipes As I explained at the beginning, this would be the "Americanized" version of fried rice.

Other countries have their own variations on how to prepare this dish. In Spain they call it three delights rice, because of its main ingredients: carrot, egg omelette and cooked ham. I invite you to know these two different but not much ways to prepare Chinese rice:.