How To Make Chinese Rice

Chinese rice. Easy Recipe

How to make fried rice with sauteed vegetables · Rinse the rice as many times as necessary, until the starch is imperceptible in the water.

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In Colombia, for example, we know it as Chinese Rice, apart from rice, it has sautéed vegetables, onion, Chinese roots, shrimp, chicken, beef or meat.

vegetable fried rice. Ingredients. rice. 3 cups of cooked rice. carrot. ½ cup of chopped carrots. broccoli. ½ cup broccoli florets.

Learn how to make Super Yummy Classic Chinese Fried Rice

The most common ingredients in Chinese cuisine are vegetables, seeds, rice and meats such as chicken, duck or beef, but loin of beef predominates.

Ingredients for 2 people

Cooked ham – 1 fat slice Egg – 2 units How to make the recipe for Chinese Rice. Once hot, add the whole peeled garlic clove. When the garlic browns a little, add the cup of basmatia rice and stir. Then add the two glasses of water, the bay leaf and a pinch of salt. Let cook until the water reduces or evaporates, in this case we have had this type of rice for about 8 minutes and let it rest for about 5 minutes to finish cooking.

Peel and cut a carrot. We chop our slice of cooked ham. Pour a splash of oil in our frying pan or wok and add the carrot and fry for a few minutes. You can also make them scrambled and a small tortilla and then chop it. Add the rice to the pan, remove the bay leaf and the garlic and the peas and stir for a few minutes and we will have our Chinese rice ready!

Another Chinese Rice Recipe Notes and Tips If you feel like cooking oriental delicacies, accompany this rice with some spring rolls or a little sweet and sour pork, if you feel like it, you will surely surprise everyone with your recipes.

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