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Oats For The Next Day

Boil water in a pot.

It’s so easy to make more oatmeal than you can handle, and you don’t want to throw out the leftovers and.

Once the water is boiling (lower the heat) and place the.

Turn off the heat after 5 minutes or when you see that the.

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In a small pot, we put water with the orange slice and the cinnamon stick, (I divided neither stick.) until it boils and I took out the aroma of the.

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Cooked oats to-go

Recipe This recipe for oats for the next day or as it is known in English overnight oats is the perfect mix to have a delicious breakfast, super healthy and ready in the refrigerator. With this recipe and ideas, you will have the perfect breakfast every morning.

Oat flakes can be prepared raw or cooked. In both ways it is super good and it becomes a perfect breakfast. At home I prepare it in both ways. This oatmeal recipe for the next day that is wonderful. To prepare the oatmeal for breakfast, you just have to mix the ingredients with a liquid that can be water, vegetable milk such as almond milk or coconut milk and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

You can put it in individual glass jars or in a large one. And if you feel that it lacks flavor, add a little maple syrup to sweeten it or cinnamon powder. The idea of ​​this breakfast is to leave the mixture of oatmeal and chia seeds and linseed or linseed in the fridge with a little milk in a jar or container that you can take with you.

The next morning just put the fruit on it before you leave your house. Normally in the supermarket you will find two types of oatmeal. The oat flake has more body and a firmer texture. It also takes longer to cook. Whole oat flakes have more fiber and are perfect for use in other recipes such as:.